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Slovakia Government Scholarships 2023


The Slovakia Government Scholarships 2023 offers an exceptional opportunity for international students to pursue higher education in Slovakia. Designed to promote cultural exchange and academic excellence, these scholarships cover tuition fees and living expenses and provide a conducive environment for personal and professional growth. With a diverse range of fields and institutions, recipients will benefit from high-quality education and immersion in Slovakia’s rich cultural heritage. This program underscores Slovakia’s commitment to fostering global partnerships and creating a dynamic learning experience for scholars from around the world. Don’t miss the chance to be part of this enriching academic journey.

Provided ByThe Government of Slovakia
No. of AwardsUp to 300 applicants
Fundingup to €12,000 (1,09,126 INR)

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for the scholarship, applicants must meet the following requirements:


  • Citizenship of a country other than Slovakia must be confirmed by an acceptable form of identification (generally a passport; those from countries within the European Union, EEA and Switzerland can use a national ID card). Dual citizenship that includes Slovak and another citizenship is allowed,
  • No permanent or temporary residence in Slovakia since January 1st 2018, until the date of submitting the scholarship application (demonstrated by the applicant’s solemn declaration, the template will be available for download during the application process), with the exception of temporary residence for attending a Slovak language or study preparation course (which must be confirmed by the applicant’s university), or with the exception of temporary residence for participating in an activity or programme under the Erasmus+ programme or the European Solidarity Corps programme (which must be confirmed by a Certificate of Participation),
  • No prior study at a high school or higher education institution in Slovakia, except for academic mobilities. Studies outside of Slovakia are not a contradicting factor for applying for this scholarship,
  • Completed secondary education (may be completed in the academic year 2022/2023),
  • Admission to a Slovak higher education institution for a bachelor’s degree programme or joint bachelor’s and master’s degree study programme, with studies taking place within the Slovak Republic (at the time of applying for this scholarship, an application to a Slovak higher education institution, will suffice),
  • Enrolment into the first year of  a bachelor’s degree programme or in a joint bachelor’s and master’s degree study programme starting in the autumn of 2023,
  • Full-time, in-person study programme
  • No specific language requirements for the programme of study,
  • No upper age limit, applicants under the age of 18 will need a signed approval from their legal guardian.
  • A minimum SAT score of 1050 is required to be considered for the scholarship. Applicants with SAT score result lower than 1050 will not be considered. SAT scores will be the only criterion for the selection of successful applicants.

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  • Scholarship recipients accepted into this scholarship scheme will have their tuition fees waived
  • Health Insurance
  • Scholarship recipients will also be eligible to apply for Slovak national visas through a simplified procedure

How to apply?

  • You must apply online through the official portal
  • Documents required
    • Passport or ID
    • SAT Test results
    • Personal declaration

Note: The application form itself has not been released yet. 


Selection Criteria

The results of the Scholastic Aptitude exam (SAT exam) will be used to establish the ranking of applicants in the appropriate category.

Students must have a minimum SAT score of 1050 to qualify for the scholarship. Applicants with SAT scores less than 1050 won’t be taken into consideration.

Only SAT scores will be used to determine which applicants will be accepted. SAT exam scores from January 1, 2018, to the deadline for applicant submission shall be considered.


The SAT must be uploaded before the deadline to be considered for this scholarship programme.

For more information, visit here.



In conclusion, the Slovakia Government Scholarships 2023 serve as a gateway to an enriching educational adventure in the heart of Europe. With a blend of academic excellence and cultural exploration, recipients are poised to thrive in a supportive and vibrant academic environment. By embracing diversity and fostering international collaboration, these scholarships contribute to shaping well-rounded global citizens and future leaders. The opportunities offered through this program will undoubtedly leave a lasting impact on scholars as they gain not only knowledge but also unforgettable experiences. The Slovakia Government Scholarships 2023 open doors to a world of possibilities, paving the way for a brighter future.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Who is eligible to apply for the Slovakia Government Scholarships 2023?

The scholarships are open to international students seeking to pursue undergraduate, graduate, or doctoral studies in Slovakia. Eligibility criteria typically include academic merit, specific language proficiency requirements, and compliance with individual university admission criteria.

Q. What fields of study are covered by the Slovakia Government Scholarships 2023?

The scholarships encompass a wide range of disciplines, including humanities, natural sciences, engineering, social sciences, and arts. Applicants can explore various programs offered by Slovak universities and institutions to find their desired field of study.

Q. What expenses do the Slovakia Government Scholarships 2023 cover?

The scholarships generally cover tuition fees and a monthly stipend for living expenses and sometimes provide additional financial support for accommodation and health insurance. The exact coverage may vary based on the specific scholarship program.

Q. How can I apply for the Slovakia Government Scholarships 2023?

Interested applicants can typically apply online through the official scholarship portal or the respective Slovak embassy or consulate in their home country. The application process involves submitting required documents, such as academic transcripts, language proficiency certificates, letters of recommendation, and a statement of purpose.

Q. What is the application deadline for the Slovakia Government Scholarships 2023?

The application deadlines vary depending on the scholarship program and the chosen university. It’s important to check the official scholarship website or contact the relevant authorities to ensure the timely submission of all required documents. It’s recommended to start the application process well in advance to meet the deadlines.

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